Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Tree!

Popas know how to get the job done!  Matt's schedule has been especially crazy this month and I was starting to feel really badly for the kids that they may not be able to get to do all of our "favorites" in preparation for the holidays.  After checking the calendar and agreeing to "do what it takes" Matt and I decided that we were going to let things slide and do what it took to squeeze in our memories.  So ... late one Sunday after Matt had worked the whole weekend, we literally ran to the tree farm.  We checked out a new one, not sure how we'd like it but we were thrilled with the results!  Once we got there we literally had 43 minutes to bundle up, find a tree, strap it to the car and get back on the road to head to the next commitment.  I was definitely feeling anxious the entire time, hating the rush of it all, but the kids didn't notice a bit.  In the end, this new place wound up being a blessing because they had a tractor (pulled by Santa) that drove us to our desired tree lot and brought us and the tree back to be roped up and paid for.  This definitely helped save a ton of time!  We were blown away when we were dropped off to find that ALL of the trees were beautiful!  We didn't have to go far at all to find the perfect tree :)  Later that week we let the kids stay up late for Matt to get home and then decorated the tree.  It was 11:30 when all was said and done but we did it :)  Another fun time had by all.

Jadyn got a sweet ride thanks to the loaner from my friend

Caleb, like his daddy, was a little eager to cut

We found it!

Warming up
Time to decorate

Everyone wanted to cut the string

The kids took over - garland and all.  Caleb's technique involved throwing it at high as he could

Just a little knot in here

The kids had a "focus" area.  Apparently Avery thought three ugly bulbs on one branch was sufficient

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