Saturday, November 13, 2010

Avery's 3!!

So many fall birthdays!  I was telling a friend that I feel like our lives change 5 times over each fall, with the closing of summer activities, the start of school and all of the birthdays we get to celebrate - so many changes all happening so quickly!  This time it's Avery's turn.  My sweet, sweet Avery.  "Crazy Avy" and "Tazmanian Devil" were some of the loving nicknames given to you this year by those who know and love you best.  You sure do make us smile - and laugh!  Always up for an adventure, you're as busy as Curious George, somehow able to find the opportunity to make a mess within seconds.  Your sweet innocence makes it nearly impossible to be frustrated with you and the stories I tell of your adventures always make someone smile.  Those dimples are just darling and I could eat you up if only I could keep you still for long enough :)  We love you, sweet one.  Thank you for bringing us such joy!

Today we decided to have a Girls Day to celebrate you.  Daddy was working so after a quick breakfast at Krispy Kreme I dropped off Caleb and Jadyn so that you, Addie, and I could head out for a day on the town!  It started with a drop-in dance class, followed by your first (for a long while!) trip to the spa, topped off by your favorite and mine Taco Bell :)  After rest time we met Daddy, Grandma Popa and Grandma Pat at Culver's for dinner, then back home for presents! 

 Dance class:

At the Spa:
The girls let you and Addie have hot chocolate (which Mommy insisted you drink on the floor)

Picking your color

Addie's pretty toes

"I can't believe it" you exclaimed when you saw the finished product

Time for fingers!

This is totally Addie's thing

 At dinner:

J Bug

A Zhu Zhu Pet!

Another family birthday picture.  Can you guess who just lost his Lego StarWars guy in between the seat and the wall?

All better.  Caleb explaining why he gave her Princess Leah for her birthday with a gentle hug.

Toy Story 3 for the LeapTag!

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