Saturday, September 11, 2010

Caleb is 6!!

My oh my, how does this happen!??!  My baby boy is not a baby!  Somehow, time has continued to fly right past me and Caleb has turned 6!  I've felt the need to stop myself several times the past couple of weeks when I'm talking with him to try to actually remember that this big guy is that very same chubby little toddler with the infectious giggle.  In my mind they are two different people all together.  He has changed and grown, developed and matured so much these past couple of years especially and I find myself torn between the pride I have and the joy I get from watching the boy he is becoming and the sadness and pain I feel when I think about just how little time we had enjoying him as a baby and toddler. 
Regardless, no one else wanted to sit and commiserate with me about how quickly our little ones change - they wanted a party!  And so a party they got.  Dave, Jami, Cam and Josh came up from Ohio for the party, as well as several of Caleb's little buddies from school and church.  Star Wars was the theme and I think it's safe to say the kids all had a really fun time.

Birthday breakfast with Storm Trooper pancakes

Started the day with an early morning soccer game

My little Princess Leah

Wacking the Death Star

Full House

My Jedi

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