Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bye Bye Paci

Attempt with Paci Withdrawal Take Two.  Avery is definitely letting go of her Paci later than Addison, but the pediatrician and I agreed that her being without the paci definitely wasn't a good trade off to her only sleeping 7 hours a day because of it.  So we waited.  And we tried again.  And we succeeded!
We set up the event much like Addison's.  Avery was very excited to mail her paci to "Katie", the baby who didn't have one.  The next day "Katie" wrote Avery a note and sent her a special Jessie Doll  - which Avery only tried to trade for Jadyn's paci twice :)  Thankfully, Jessie went everywhere with Avery that a paci normally would.  She really understood the replacement theory quite well!
Avery cracks us up because she is just such a character!  For the first couple of weeks after this attempt at paci withdrawal we would catch her with secret "stashes" of pacis in her closet underneath a pile of clothes, or in a cabinet in the kitchen between two casserole dishes.  After searching on our hands and knees in the middle of the night in search of Jadyn's when she would wake up crying, we quickly realized that Avery had taken them!  She would sneak out of bed and steal them from her baby sister!  The last attempt at this came one night when I heard the tiptoes of little feet above my head as I sat in the basement.  I quietly came upstairs to find Avery inside Jadyn's room.  I was there just in time to watch Avery pull J's paci out of her mouth, take three little "hits" and RETURN it to J's mouth!  I backed up into the kitchen so she wouldn't see me and Avery returned to her bed, and went to sleep.  Oddly enough, that was the last attempt at any sort of covert paci hits - she had apparently gotten it all out of her system :)
So proud of our "big girl".


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