Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to School!

I couldn't be more proud of my two "biggest" kids as they headed off to their first days of school!  We have been blessed this year by the opportunity for Caleb to have the same teacher as last year.  In the same classroom.  For those of you who know how key consistency is to Caleb, this is a huge answer to prayer!  He is so excited to go back - I don't even think he knows that it's technically a "new" year.  The start of this year was worlds different than the first few days of last - no hives, no throwing up, no panic attacks.  Just the enjoyment and expectation of good things to come.

And Addie, sweet Addie.  She was, as predicted, anxious about starting somewhere new with new friends, but VERY excited to have a locker :)  She looked SO big to me that first day and I enjoyed every second I was able to spend with her during orientation and the first few minutes of her "real" first day.  Though she was a little clingy, there were no real tears.  Just from Mom who can't believe how big her babies are getting.

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