Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Addie's Turn

Addison has been asking to play soccer since the first day Caleb started last year. Well the day has finally come and she was SO excited to be on a team, just like her big brother, and wear a uniform.  Knowing that Addie is just a tad more shy than her boisterous older brother, we chose to sign her up at the Y instead of the local league that Caleb plays at.  This also allowed her to play on a different day, in the evening, so that there was no conflicting schedules.  We also could put her siblings in the Child Watch at the Y and give her that extra bit of attention we thought she may need.  WELL ... we were right.  She definitely wasn't quite as comfortable out there as we had hoped.  Now, any other child may have been encouraged by her parents to "push through" and give it a few weeks, but it was VERY clear to us that this was not her time.  She wanted NO part of the team aspect and was honestly quite terrified of all of the parents yelling encouragement and instruction to their kids.  She looked up with tears streaming down her face and said, "I don't want them yelling at ME" - poor thing :(
So, because we thought we may have a window of disturbed memory, we decided quickly to let her back out of it, in the hopes that we could save her impression of it and perhaps give her a shot at it in another year, instead of forcing her through it and creating a permanent negative opinion of the game.  The biggest heartbreak? That she had to return the uniform!  She was in LOVE with that jersey and was so sad that she couldn't keep it!  I will say that she did look quite adorable :)  In the end, we decided to compromise and sign her up for a soccer "class" which allowed her to still play (keeping the "cute" shoes and pants) without all eyes on her and the competition.


A MUCH happier little girl with the attention taken off of her:

Dancing her Soccer Jig

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