Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bye Bye Paci

Attempt with Paci Withdrawal Take Two.  Avery is definitely letting go of her Paci later than Addison, but the pediatrician and I agreed that her being without the paci definitely wasn't a good trade off to her only sleeping 7 hours a day because of it.  So we waited.  And we tried again.  And we succeeded!
We set up the event much like Addison's.  Avery was very excited to mail her paci to "Katie", the baby who didn't have one.  The next day "Katie" wrote Avery a note and sent her a special Jessie Doll  - which Avery only tried to trade for Jadyn's paci twice :)  Thankfully, Jessie went everywhere with Avery that a paci normally would.  She really understood the replacement theory quite well!
Avery cracks us up because she is just such a character!  For the first couple of weeks after this attempt at paci withdrawal we would catch her with secret "stashes" of pacis in her closet underneath a pile of clothes, or in a cabinet in the kitchen between two casserole dishes.  After searching on our hands and knees in the middle of the night in search of Jadyn's when she would wake up crying, we quickly realized that Avery had taken them!  She would sneak out of bed and steal them from her baby sister!  The last attempt at this came one night when I heard the tiptoes of little feet above my head as I sat in the basement.  I quietly came upstairs to find Avery inside Jadyn's room.  I was there just in time to watch Avery pull J's paci out of her mouth, take three little "hits" and RETURN it to J's mouth!  I backed up into the kitchen so she wouldn't see me and Avery returned to her bed, and went to sleep.  Oddly enough, that was the last attempt at any sort of covert paci hits - she had apparently gotten it all out of her system :)
So proud of our "big girl".


Friday, September 17, 2010

They DO Change Overnight ...

...and I can prove it!!  Friday, September 10th, Jadyn was my sweet, still, little girl.  Yes we were walking, yes we were climbing stairs, but Mommy wasn't yet considering her a toddler ... but Saturday ...

She was feeding herself chicken with a fork - Mommy's fork!
Chowing on green beans with a mischievous grin just before she chucked them at my head
Climbing the ladder to the top of the "fort"
Finding some new favorite snack-spots
And figuring out how to de-diaper ... didn't we JUST finish this with Avery!?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Addie's Turn

Addison has been asking to play soccer since the first day Caleb started last year. Well the day has finally come and she was SO excited to be on a team, just like her big brother, and wear a uniform.  Knowing that Addie is just a tad more shy than her boisterous older brother, we chose to sign her up at the Y instead of the local league that Caleb plays at.  This also allowed her to play on a different day, in the evening, so that there was no conflicting schedules.  We also could put her siblings in the Child Watch at the Y and give her that extra bit of attention we thought she may need.  WELL ... we were right.  She definitely wasn't quite as comfortable out there as we had hoped.  Now, any other child may have been encouraged by her parents to "push through" and give it a few weeks, but it was VERY clear to us that this was not her time.  She wanted NO part of the team aspect and was honestly quite terrified of all of the parents yelling encouragement and instruction to their kids.  She looked up with tears streaming down her face and said, "I don't want them yelling at ME" - poor thing :(
So, because we thought we may have a window of disturbed memory, we decided quickly to let her back out of it, in the hopes that we could save her impression of it and perhaps give her a shot at it in another year, instead of forcing her through it and creating a permanent negative opinion of the game.  The biggest heartbreak? That she had to return the uniform!  She was in LOVE with that jersey and was so sad that she couldn't keep it!  I will say that she did look quite adorable :)  In the end, we decided to compromise and sign her up for a soccer "class" which allowed her to still play (keeping the "cute" shoes and pants) without all eyes on her and the competition.


A MUCH happier little girl with the attention taken off of her:

Dancing her Soccer Jig

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Caleb is 6!!

My oh my, how does this happen!??!  My baby boy is not a baby!  Somehow, time has continued to fly right past me and Caleb has turned 6!  I've felt the need to stop myself several times the past couple of weeks when I'm talking with him to try to actually remember that this big guy is that very same chubby little toddler with the infectious giggle.  In my mind they are two different people all together.  He has changed and grown, developed and matured so much these past couple of years especially and I find myself torn between the pride I have and the joy I get from watching the boy he is becoming and the sadness and pain I feel when I think about just how little time we had enjoying him as a baby and toddler. 
Regardless, no one else wanted to sit and commiserate with me about how quickly our little ones change - they wanted a party!  And so a party they got.  Dave, Jami, Cam and Josh came up from Ohio for the party, as well as several of Caleb's little buddies from school and church.  Star Wars was the theme and I think it's safe to say the kids all had a really fun time.

Birthday breakfast with Storm Trooper pancakes

Started the day with an early morning soccer game

My little Princess Leah

Wacking the Death Star

Full House

My Jedi

Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to School!

I couldn't be more proud of my two "biggest" kids as they headed off to their first days of school!  We have been blessed this year by the opportunity for Caleb to have the same teacher as last year.  In the same classroom.  For those of you who know how key consistency is to Caleb, this is a huge answer to prayer!  He is so excited to go back - I don't even think he knows that it's technically a "new" year.  The start of this year was worlds different than the first few days of last - no hives, no throwing up, no panic attacks.  Just the enjoyment and expectation of good things to come.

And Addie, sweet Addie.  She was, as predicted, anxious about starting somewhere new with new friends, but VERY excited to have a locker :)  She looked SO big to me that first day and I enjoyed every second I was able to spend with her during orientation and the first few minutes of her "real" first day.  Though she was a little clingy, there were no real tears.  Just from Mom who can't believe how big her babies are getting.