Thursday, August 12, 2010

Last Sunset

Much to my joy, our kids just love the beach.  The sand, the sun, the sound of the water; they really appreciate it all.  They also know when a good thing is coming to an end.  So they were very insistent that we catch "one last sunset" before summer was over.  Matt was working every night into the fall, so we grabbed our chance and headed out late-ish one night after he came home to capture a memory.  We decided to go to a different beach, hoping to catch some bigger waves for Caleb (which there weren't, but that was okay).

I couldn't get all of their pictures due to my angle in the car, but every last one of them fell asleep on the way TO the sunset :)

I guess that's what happens when Mom and Dad let her roll around in the sand

That's actually Avery submerging herself underwater and letting the tide bring her in


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