Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Day in the Life ...

of Avery!!

My does this one keep us busy! Matt was home this weekend and had the joy of seeing just how busy Avery is. I tried to take a few pictures as things were happening to document the craziness that is Avery, but didn't want to encourage her too much.

Some of the highlights from the weekend ...
Splitting my necklace in two

Drawing on the fridge with markers

 Painting herself with my mascara ... which was zipped inside my toiletry bag which was "locked" inside a child safety-latched door.

Biting the hair off of Addison's doll - ...yep.

Scaling just about anything and everything dangerous

Emptying an entire bag of wipes in about 30 seconds (a regular occurrence)

Dancing and spinning and hopping and jumping and dancing and spinning and hopping and jumping, ...

Sitting in Jadyn's crib (don't worry, Jadyn wasn't in it) bopping along to her Gloworm music

Putting Matt's work pens inside Addison's cup of juice

Taking the lid off of her sippy cup and literally flipping it to watch the splash of juice off of the floor

We love her.  We do.  Lucky for her, we love her to bits. :)

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