Sunday, July 4, 2010

The 4th with Friends

On the Fourth the kids and I met some old friends from church to "gather at the water", let the kids play in the lake and wait for the fireworks.  It was a really fun night for everyone - the kids had a blast and it was so nice to catch up with old friends.  It was VERY interesting, however, to note the huge contrast between the lake I used to call "home" and the beloved Lake Michigan.  We knew living near Cleveland that it wasn't the smartest idea to ever let our kids swim in Lake Erie, but I threw that away for the fun of the evening.  You'll notice the contrast quite easily in the pictures.  Let's just say that three of my kids spent the next day "cleaning out their systems".  At least they had fun!

That's right Addie - don't drink that water!

They're actually enjoying themselves

Yep, that's a tuna can.  Only in Lake Erie.


Avery played in the "sand" literally for hours.  Kinda made me nervous that she didn't care if anyone she knew was around her.

Gearing up for the fireworks.  Best part is I can name pretty much everyone in the background - quite the church turnout.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Home Again

July brought with it a trip to Ohio!  We had so much fun visiting with all of our family, friends, and extended family who came in for Matt's Grandpa's 80th birthday party.  Of course the time goes way too quickly but we were able to squeeze in some great memories! The kids always have such a fun time whenever they're are able to be with their cousins.


Apparently Caleb turned 13 while we were there - he looks so big to me!
The kids wrestling with Uncle Dave
The Cam Claw

It was HOT, HOT - almost impossible to eat icecream before it melted.

Caleb cashed out after a baseball game with Grandpa

Super Soaker time

 Thumb-buddies with Buzz and Woody

Being blasted by Uncle Dave and the hose

Slip n Slide time!