Friday, August 6, 2010


To say I'm behind on my blog postings is an understatement.  Not really sure why, but I am terribly sorry.  At this point so much has changed with the little ones.  I'll attempt my best mini-recap of the past 3 months and then (as I always promise and fail miserably at) will do better at keeping up.  Here we go ...April brought with it some surprising weather patterns!  We began the soccer season bundled up as if it were the dead of winter, then were surprised with some beautiful 80-degree days where we were able to enjoy friends outside, bike rides and tasty treats.  We squeezed in some swim lessons in between and happily started our warm up to summer starting with:
Cold soccer games
Followed closely by some warm weather treats with friends
The lovebirds
More gymnastics

Our little monkey

First bike ride of the summer! well, spring

Swim lessons

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