Monday, May 10, 2010

May: Addison's Birthday!

Unbelievable that my little girl is 4!  It almost seems impossible since last month she was two ;)
We celebrated Addie's birthday with a few of her friends at Chuck E Cheese.  It was so much fun to have all of the kids there - a good mix between school friends and hospital friends. Addie can be so quiet in a crowd that it always warms my heart to see her genuinely happy in a large group - I think she was thrilled that everyone came out to celebrate with her :)
After Chuck E Cheese we celebrated a bit at home then she had a special date with Mommy and Daddy - Red Robin was the restaurant of choice!
Addison at 4 is every bit as wonderful as she has always been:  sweet, quiet, sincere, nurturing, honest, sensitive, silly, a lover of many :)  She has the warmest heart - always happy help or go out of her way to make someone feel good.  Though she is our most dramatic child, this also means that she feels for others just as intensely as she feels for herself.  She is empathic and caring, gentle and loving.  We are so blessed to have Addison in our lives - she reminds us often of how we all should love one another.  We love you, Addie!