Friday, March 5, 2010

5 Months

there's a rumblin in a tummy and it's jadyn's. although it's not quite her tummy, it's her chest. and her back. and she's sounding all sorts of lovely when she breathes. but she's smiling and she's happy and she's looking up at me like i'm the greatest thing that's ever entertained her. 
pretty sure it's just a cold, but it's caught her pretty good.  she sure sounds miserable but that smile will melt your heart no matter how rough the rest of her looks :)
to add to the mix, we've started her on formula once a day and, like the others, she's not tolerating it so well.  we've spent quite a pretty penny trying a variety of different formulas, realizing after just two or three bottles that it's not doing the trick.  thankfully, though, she's not uncomfortable feeling.  just rough-looking :)


At 5 months she continues to be an awesome baby.  Super happy, smiles easily, and loves being entertained by her siblings.  I'm amazed at how aware she is and find it quite exciting that she not only responds to her own name, but also has been searching to find Caleb, Addie, and Avery when we ask.
She hasn't really gotten into food too much since she's having reactions to the formula.  Don't want to add too much else to the mix. 
Still sleeps great - three naps witht he middle one being almost 3 hours and coincides with the big kids' "rest time". 
She continues to be a true joy :)  We are so blessed to have her in our lives!

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