Monday, March 8, 2010


Avery started her first gymnastics class this February.  It's hilarious to watch her try to function in a structured setting such as this.  It's quite the contrast from when Addison took the same class a year ago and it took me all six weeks just to pry her off of my leg. 
Avery's quite the opposite of her sister in pretty much every possible way and literally ran to the coach during the first class to give her a big hug.  The other parents couldn't help but laugh as this tiny little spitfire runs through the classroom doors, tearing off her warm up clothes and shoes as she sprints to the mat. 
At the start of class the teacher sits in front of the kids who are lined up on a mat to do their stretches.  Avery, however, has no concept of what the others are doing and runs around the mat to sit right next to the teacher.  She mimics everything the teacher does, including instructing the other kids on the right technique.  She's a hoot.


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kosinkosky said...

oh my goodness! she is adorable, stef. i loved reading the recent blog updates on the girls. hope you guys are doing well

good luck with the formula, too. hope everything works out soon!