Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Big Man

I'm very aware that there haven't been many posts about my main man, Mr. Caleb.  Just to update everyone, he is doing GREAT.  Being 5 suits him quite well.  He has really settled into a charming little boy (who has been here all along but was often overshadowed by all of the stressors that came with being 2, 3, and 4.)  He just loves school and the school loves him.  He excels in the classroom, has a great group of friends, and is having a blast.  He still is a guy's guy, loving sports and walking around thinking he's bigger and older than he is :)  What's new to the mix this year is his obsession with Star Wars and legos.  Both interests have grown immensely and he seems to spend his entire day combining his two new loves and coming up with new lego creations to go with the complex Star Wars storylines that even I don't quite comprehend.  Just when I begin to worry that he's headed down the road of flood-length pants and taped glasses, however, he switches gears and runs outside to play baseball or shoot some hoops. 
Very recently Caleb has reached two large milestones: reading (more) independently and riding his bike without training wheels! He actually started reading last fall (08) but didn't have the patience to sit and actually read the words when he was convinced the story he made up from the pictures made more sense :) But now he understands the "rules" of books and is enjoying the stories that his teacher sends home with him. In the same week he conquered the two wheeled bike. This was quite exciting for the whole family!

We took advantage of a warm-weather week and headed outside to see how it would go. It looked pretty unlikely up until the very moment it actually happened. It reminded me a lot of when babies begin to crawl. They try and try, rock and rock, face plant on occasion and then, suddenly, it's done. They can crawl. And once they crawl one rotation they just keep going and going. It's not like baby steps where they have to work up to walking longer distances. The same can be said for this bike-riding thing. I was in awe as to how he just wasn't catching on - too busy talking to concentrate. Then, literally half of a second after he was practically parallel to the concrete, Matt let go one last time and he just put it all together. And that's that. The girls were so excited for him and ran to congratulate him. I was filled with pride and sadness, realizing that this was just one more step towards him getting to be a "big" boy. It was amazing seeing the pride on his face and hearing the excitement in his voice as he rode past me shouting, "Are you taking a picture?!?!" ... just before he crashed into the neighbor's mailbox :)

Monday, March 8, 2010


Avery started her first gymnastics class this February.  It's hilarious to watch her try to function in a structured setting such as this.  It's quite the contrast from when Addison took the same class a year ago and it took me all six weeks just to pry her off of my leg. 
Avery's quite the opposite of her sister in pretty much every possible way and literally ran to the coach during the first class to give her a big hug.  The other parents couldn't help but laugh as this tiny little spitfire runs through the classroom doors, tearing off her warm up clothes and shoes as she sprints to the mat. 
At the start of class the teacher sits in front of the kids who are lined up on a mat to do their stretches.  Avery, however, has no concept of what the others are doing and runs around the mat to sit right next to the teacher.  She mimics everything the teacher does, including instructing the other kids on the right technique.  She's a hoot.


Friday, March 5, 2010

5 Months

there's a rumblin in a tummy and it's jadyn's. although it's not quite her tummy, it's her chest. and her back. and she's sounding all sorts of lovely when she breathes. but she's smiling and she's happy and she's looking up at me like i'm the greatest thing that's ever entertained her. 
pretty sure it's just a cold, but it's caught her pretty good.  she sure sounds miserable but that smile will melt your heart no matter how rough the rest of her looks :)
to add to the mix, we've started her on formula once a day and, like the others, she's not tolerating it so well.  we've spent quite a pretty penny trying a variety of different formulas, realizing after just two or three bottles that it's not doing the trick.  thankfully, though, she's not uncomfortable feeling.  just rough-looking :)


At 5 months she continues to be an awesome baby.  Super happy, smiles easily, and loves being entertained by her siblings.  I'm amazed at how aware she is and find it quite exciting that she not only responds to her own name, but also has been searching to find Caleb, Addie, and Avery when we ask.
She hasn't really gotten into food too much since she's having reactions to the formula.  Don't want to add too much else to the mix. 
Still sleeps great - three naps witht he middle one being almost 3 hours and coincides with the big kids' "rest time". 
She continues to be a true joy :)  We are so blessed to have her in our lives!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Day in the Life ...

of Avery!!

My does this one keep us busy! Matt was home this weekend and had the joy of seeing just how busy Avery is. I tried to take a few pictures as things were happening to document the craziness that is Avery, but didn't want to encourage her too much.

Some of the highlights from the weekend ...
Splitting my necklace in two

Drawing on the fridge with markers

 Painting herself with my mascara ... which was zipped inside my toiletry bag which was "locked" inside a child safety-latched door.

Biting the hair off of Addison's doll - ...yep.

Scaling just about anything and everything dangerous

Emptying an entire bag of wipes in about 30 seconds (a regular occurrence)

Dancing and spinning and hopping and jumping and dancing and spinning and hopping and jumping, ...

Sitting in Jadyn's crib (don't worry, Jadyn wasn't in it) bopping along to her Gloworm music

Putting Matt's work pens inside Addison's cup of juice

Taking the lid off of her sippy cup and literally flipping it to watch the splash of juice off of the floor

We love her.  We do.  Lucky for her, we love her to bits. :)