Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Potty Time!

Is Avery ready? Yes. Am I ready? No.
I've fought this one for awhile - Avery's been so eager to be on the potty and I've been thinking I just don't have the time. Pretty selfish of me, huh? Just about as bad as me telling baby-sitters to leg-swipe my nearly walking toddlers when I go out for a night so I don't miss a first step :) But she's taken the liberty to prove to me she's ready by mastering #2 (TMI, I'm sure), so I had to meet her halfway and attempt to make it official.
Amidst the potty training, however, came the spontaneous paci withdrawal, so I'm not pushing it at all at this point. If she wants to continue on, which I think she will, we'll go for it, but this 2 year old has a lot going on in her little life. Regardless, she sure does look cute on the pot :)

Singing Wheels on the Bus while waiting for the inevitable

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kstroess said...

when i say i want to meet this child, i mean it with all my heart.

i'm blog-stalking you, too :)