Thursday, February 11, 2010

Falling in Love

So marriage has been on the mind of my two eldest these days. Most likely because of the CD that's been playing in my car. "Seabird" is the band of choice for Mommy and they have a song titled "Falling for You" that has led to many discussions about the oddities of true love: "See I'm falling, I'm falling for you. Oh darling, it's finally true. And someday, I'll break your fall too cuz I'm falling, falling for you". After explaining that the song was about a boy that loved a girl Addie asked, "Why is he falling? Is he on a cliff or something?" I explained that when a boy loves a girl and wants to marry them he sometimes says he's "falling in love".
Caleb: Perhaps (the word of the week) I'm falling in love with you Mommy
Me: Oh Caleb, that just makes me so happy to hear you say that
Addison: Perhaps I've ALREADY fallen in love with Parker ...
she says with a sheepish grin :)

She later asked if it was okay to marry Parker and I replied, "Oh Addie, I would LOVE it if you married Parker. Later, when you're big, if he wants to marry you and you want to marry him I think Miss Michelle and I would be very happy about that."
Addie: Will I marry Parker?
Me: Well, honey, I don't know. If that's who God wants you to marry, then maybe.
Addie: Oh, well I already asked God and He said 'okay'

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the deKorne family said...

seems logical to me then! and i'm jealous she has that great of a relationship that she gets the ok from God on stuff with just an ask! you are supermom! :)