Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bye-Bye Paci

Well the end of Avery's paci came unexpectedly this week after she lost her last one at Target.
After explaining to her that the Paci Fairy took it from Target and brought it to a little girl who didn't have one Avery did a fairly good job of adjusting without it. She only asked for it a few times, though struggled extra hard at the limits that were set for her during her bedtime resistance. My heart broke as I listened to her crying and begging for us to open the door after she had escaped for the 10th time, knowing she didn't have her beloved paci to help comfort her. Matt reminded me though, that through all the tears, she wasn't crying for her paci!

She awoke this morning to find some speical treats that the Paci Fairy had left under her pillow! "I'm so proud of YOU!" she said to me after I told her that I was proud of the great job she did at night :)

Today's nap went about the same - tears over consequences but never over the paci. Actually, the only time she asked for it was last night, and I wish I could remember the tone forever: "Where did paci GO-wah??" as if the paci had abandoned her :)

This afternoon she was thrilled to know that the Paci Fairy visited her again, with a special chocolate treat left for her - which she lovingly insisted on sharing with her Mommy :)

***Addendum five days later:  NOT going well.  Avery is still not complaining about her paci being gone, but she is no longer sleeping.  At all.  Up way too late at night, waking way too early in the morning, and no nap.  Ever.  After some damning proof via video that she really doesn't quite seem to understand the whole concept of the Paci Fairy, we've come to the realization that she most likely won't understand the concept of us going back on this whole silly plan.  So we are.  We'll try again soon.  Keep you posted!


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