Friday, February 5, 2010

4 Months

At four months Jadyn continues to be a joy and surprises us already as to how aware she is. Much like Caleb, she:
-Responds to music - smiling at the same part in certain songs over and over again
-Is so ready for food - sits on my lap at the table, licking her lips, following everyone's forks to their mouths
-Loves a good story - stares intently at the pages
She is still just so happy, even waking up for her early morning feed she's instantly smiling and trying to strike up a conversation :) She often stays up for an hour trying to "talk" to me in the bed as I'm trying to go back to sleep. I'll be honest, it's hard not to engage - she's just so cute!
At four months she's also:
-Recognizing her siblings and greeting them with smiles
-Enjoying her exersaucer - just today I caught her repeatedly turning a "page" attached to the play platform.
-Loves bathtime, though it's pretty short due to the overly eager siblings wanting to "help"
-Laughing at silly faces and sounds - she's especially ticklish on the bottom of her feet
-Working on getting teeth - drool factory
-Happy, happy, happy :)
And so are we!

If I try, I think I can see my cheeks

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Kimberly said...

caroline has the same sweet little cupcake outfit. my aunt carol sent it to her. so cute! love the blog!