Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh Boy

Avery channeling Lady Gaga

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Potty Time!

Is Avery ready? Yes. Am I ready? No.
I've fought this one for awhile - Avery's been so eager to be on the potty and I've been thinking I just don't have the time. Pretty selfish of me, huh? Just about as bad as me telling baby-sitters to leg-swipe my nearly walking toddlers when I go out for a night so I don't miss a first step :) But she's taken the liberty to prove to me she's ready by mastering #2 (TMI, I'm sure), so I had to meet her halfway and attempt to make it official.
Amidst the potty training, however, came the spontaneous paci withdrawal, so I'm not pushing it at all at this point. If she wants to continue on, which I think she will, we'll go for it, but this 2 year old has a lot going on in her little life. Regardless, she sure does look cute on the pot :)

Singing Wheels on the Bus while waiting for the inevitable

Bye-Bye Paci

Well the end of Avery's paci came unexpectedly this week after she lost her last one at Target.
After explaining to her that the Paci Fairy took it from Target and brought it to a little girl who didn't have one Avery did a fairly good job of adjusting without it. She only asked for it a few times, though struggled extra hard at the limits that were set for her during her bedtime resistance. My heart broke as I listened to her crying and begging for us to open the door after she had escaped for the 10th time, knowing she didn't have her beloved paci to help comfort her. Matt reminded me though, that through all the tears, she wasn't crying for her paci!

She awoke this morning to find some speical treats that the Paci Fairy had left under her pillow! "I'm so proud of YOU!" she said to me after I told her that I was proud of the great job she did at night :)

Today's nap went about the same - tears over consequences but never over the paci. Actually, the only time she asked for it was last night, and I wish I could remember the tone forever: "Where did paci GO-wah??" as if the paci had abandoned her :)

This afternoon she was thrilled to know that the Paci Fairy visited her again, with a special chocolate treat left for her - which she lovingly insisted on sharing with her Mommy :)

***Addendum five days later:  NOT going well.  Avery is still not complaining about her paci being gone, but she is no longer sleeping.  At all.  Up way too late at night, waking way too early in the morning, and no nap.  Ever.  After some damning proof via video that she really doesn't quite seem to understand the whole concept of the Paci Fairy, we've come to the realization that she most likely won't understand the concept of us going back on this whole silly plan.  So we are.  We'll try again soon.  Keep you posted!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Falling in Love

So marriage has been on the mind of my two eldest these days. Most likely because of the CD that's been playing in my car. "Seabird" is the band of choice for Mommy and they have a song titled "Falling for You" that has led to many discussions about the oddities of true love: "See I'm falling, I'm falling for you. Oh darling, it's finally true. And someday, I'll break your fall too cuz I'm falling, falling for you". After explaining that the song was about a boy that loved a girl Addie asked, "Why is he falling? Is he on a cliff or something?" I explained that when a boy loves a girl and wants to marry them he sometimes says he's "falling in love".
Caleb: Perhaps (the word of the week) I'm falling in love with you Mommy
Me: Oh Caleb, that just makes me so happy to hear you say that
Addison: Perhaps I've ALREADY fallen in love with Parker ...
she says with a sheepish grin :)

She later asked if it was okay to marry Parker and I replied, "Oh Addie, I would LOVE it if you married Parker. Later, when you're big, if he wants to marry you and you want to marry him I think Miss Michelle and I would be very happy about that."
Addie: Will I marry Parker?
Me: Well, honey, I don't know. If that's who God wants you to marry, then maybe.
Addie: Oh, well I already asked God and He said 'okay'

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Royal Tenanbaums Go to the SuperBowl

I just couldn't pass up a Costco steal ... $15 each! Good thing it was Superbowl Sunday and we had an "athletic event" to attend!

Trying out her exercises

Saturday, February 6, 2010

First Haircut

Today was Avery's first real haircut. Though Addie's was at 15 months, Avery's hair is much thinner and didn't have many options until just recently. My cousin Shannon did the honors. Avery was a little unsure of the whole process until the end. I'm selfishly quite happy with the fact that her adorable bob still allows her to look little and tiny for a wee bit longer :)

Get me outta here!

Still unconvinced

Getting into it

What's happening over there?

Friday, February 5, 2010

4 Months

At four months Jadyn continues to be a joy and surprises us already as to how aware she is. Much like Caleb, she:
-Responds to music - smiling at the same part in certain songs over and over again
-Is so ready for food - sits on my lap at the table, licking her lips, following everyone's forks to their mouths
-Loves a good story - stares intently at the pages
She is still just so happy, even waking up for her early morning feed she's instantly smiling and trying to strike up a conversation :) She often stays up for an hour trying to "talk" to me in the bed as I'm trying to go back to sleep. I'll be honest, it's hard not to engage - she's just so cute!
At four months she's also:
-Recognizing her siblings and greeting them with smiles
-Enjoying her exersaucer - just today I caught her repeatedly turning a "page" attached to the play platform.
-Loves bathtime, though it's pretty short due to the overly eager siblings wanting to "help"
-Laughing at silly faces and sounds - she's especially ticklish on the bottom of her feet
-Working on getting teeth - drool factory
-Happy, happy, happy :)
And so are we!

If I try, I think I can see my cheeks