Friday, January 22, 2010

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

3 Months

How, oh how, do they get so big so fast?!?!? Our little nugget at 3 months:

-Still the star of the show :)

-Sleeps 10 hours consistently - Mommy opted to switch her from her 10pm-8am schedule to her new 7pm-5am schedule. She eats at 5 then goes back to sleep, but Mommy gets her nights :)

-Is smiling and has popped out a giggle or two

-LOVES music and reminds us so much of Caleb with her seeming ability to actually 'focus' on a book and on our face when we sing to her

-Wants to MOVE. She's constantly trying to sit herself up when reclined in your lap or in her bouncy seat

-Enjoys her routine - eat, play, sleep. Still puts herself to sleep in her crib - AWESOME - and has a definite "favorite" green hanging toy on her bouncy seat that seems to crack her up on a daily basis :)

-Is loved more and more each day! We are so blessed!

Our chubby little girl - love it!