Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Griswold Family Christmas Tree

Keeping with Popa tradition, the day came to find and cut down our Christmas tree. For anyone who remembers last year's trek, this year's started off very similar: loads of snow on the ground, a beautiful winter day, happy, bundled kids. Last year we went in the afternoon in the middle of the week. We had plenty of sleds to pull the kids on and drag our tree back on. This year ... we went on a Saturday. All of the sleds were being used by dozens of children wanting to sled - makes sense. So, after standing there looking at each other briefly, Matt and I put smiles on our faces and told the kids to forge ahead. With Jadyn strapped to my chest, we marched through the snow in search of the perfect (ish) tree. Caleb, of course, loved it. Addison, to our surprise, loved it. Avery, ... apparently absolutely hates the snow. She bounced back, but we had to stifle a few giggles to her over-dramatic wails everytime a snowflake brushed her face. Jadyn, thankfully, slept the whole time.
When we finally found our tree I backed up to take a family picture. In true Griswold fashion, Caleb pronounces, as he poses, "Fa la la la laaaaaaaaa" much like Clark Griswold when he plugs in the lights he worked so hard on.

Just getting started

Our surprise "snow bunny"

Found it!

Chopping it down

Pretty miserable

Sledding fun

Warming up with hot chocolate

All bundled up

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