Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Catching Up

So obviously I've been a little busy for the past several weeks and haven't been able to blog like I would have liked. These past couple of months have been so incredible in so many ways - most notably with the birth of Jadyn, our newest princess.

Looking back on these past 8 weeks I can think of so many funny little things that have gone on, but don't know that I have the pictures to document everything. It seems like any time I'm wanting to capture something I either can't find the camera or it's just run out of batteries :-) I guess I should just be proud that mouths are fed and everyone has clean underwear (for today atleast). So I'll start by posting some pictures of Jadyn and try to briefly recap and highlight her arrival and maybe just do a brief summary on each of the kids - then hopefully I'll be back on track for more regular blog updates.

Jadyn Lynn Popa arrived October 5th after many, many false-starts. Looking back on it now (7 weeks later!) it seems like a blur and the details are lost in the busyness of life.

We went into the hospital for an induction on Sunday the 4th, originally slated for 11am, canceled, then contacted at 3pm to come in. By the time we got in and settled, with everything hooked up, it was around 6pm. Jadyn had SLOWLY been working her way out for weeks so we were prepared for her to come a little early. The previous Thursday we had actually been in the hospital for 7 hours with contractions a minute and a half apart - only to be sent home after they stopped unexpectedly. So returning the following Sunday we were hopeful that things would move quickly ... they didn't. Of course now I'm not remembering the details - amazing how with each kid I remember less and less - but the jist of it is that NOTHING happened for hours and hours and hours. They actually think that I was in labor on Thursday and Jadyn flipped and just got "stuck" and continued to be stuck until she finally flipped again Sunday early morning. All of the kids have started slow and then progressed super quick - with the first three I went from 6cm-baby out within 30 minutes. Jadyn set the new record from going from 4 cm - being out in 13 minutes - good thing we were already at the hospital :-)
She was a super-pill the entire time we were in there - so much so that each and every nurse commented on how high-maintenance she was and I was quite nervous about bringing her home - especially because Matt left for CA for a week while we were still in the hospital. Fortunately, she got out it all out of her system and has been nothing but a joy since we entered the home.
A dear friend picked us up from the hospital and brought us home. We both looked at each other in disbelief as Jadyn had cried the whole way home in the car but became instantly quiet as we entered the house to the shrieks and shouts of her waiting siblings - almost like it was too quiet for her at the hospital :-) We couldn't have imagined a better baby! She is super mellow, very predictable, an unbelievable sleeper, and, for the first 4 weeks literally never made a peep. As a matter of fact, when her reflux kicked in (much like the other kids) she started becoming quite uncomfortable in her carseat. She started crying in the car and all three kids were immediately panicked - "fix her mom! something's wrong with jadyn! mom, she's crying - help her!!" I laughed as I realized it was the first time they had ever heard her cry and was so touched that they were concerned for HER, not stressed out for themselves :-) All of the kids are doing beautifully with her, love her to bits, and enjoy snuggling up with her. And because she's so good and mellow, we really have not had any feelings of jealousy or adjustment issues at all with the others. We feel truly, truly blessed by our beautiful family.

Avery figuring out how to quiet little Jadyn

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the deKorne family said...

That's a herd of REALLY cute kids you have! So glad Jadyn has been so delightful for you. If it weren't for the 4:30 am thing, I'd be so encouraged by you. :)