Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Avery's Antics

Silly, silly Avery. So we put the girl in her big girl bed and, for the most part, she's doing a great job. But there are many nights when I find her getting into some mischief. Avery has taken to spending her days making messes, undoing what's just been done, and making me laugh. She continues this behavior into the night which leads to some exhaustive bedtime battles, but I've found that if I just leave her to do her thing, she usually chooses sleep on her own in some odd way/place/position. I haven't taken too many pictures because I don't want to encourage her as she's changing her clothes, re-organizing drawers and what-not when she's supposed to be sleeping, but below are a few I have gotten once she's cashed out.

You can't tell, but she had put on 3 pairs of underwear, 5 pairs of pajama pants, one pair of pajama shorts, and a nightgown. "I'm a princess" she says when I walk in.

Diaper free - it took me awhile to figure out where she put it

"Playing" with Jadyn

Cashed out after finding the newspaper in my room and strewing it across her floor

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