Friday, November 13, 2009

Avery Turns 2!

If I could invent anything, it would be a machine that could freeze my kids in time. Don't get me wrong - I just love watching them grow and delight in the accomplishments that they make as they get older, but I just feel like the days are flying past me and my babies are turning into big kids way too soon! Avery turned two this week and I just can't get over it!
We had a nice time celebrating her birthday in a fairly mellow fashion. While in Ohio for a very brief weekend we had an open house at my parent's house and celebrated her birthday with some friends we haven't seen in quite some time. Back home we celebrated rather quietly - taking the kids to Chuck E Cheese during the day and having cake at our house at night. We started the morning with a celebratory birthday donut (though I couldn't find the "2" candle at the time) and cartoons.

Avery at her second birthday ...

Surprises us at how quickly she changed from a quiet, complacent baby to a spitfire toddler.
Talks and talks and talks.
Is fearless.
Loves to imitate her big brother and sister.
Enjoys music and loves to dance.
Seems similar to Caleb in her comprehension and memory.
Makes us laugh several times a day with her silliness.
Has a "strut" that you have to see to appreciate!
Is extremely independent - can dress herself, cleans up after herself, and constantly claims, "I do it!"
Refers to herself as "Ahvee"
Blesses us everyday with her delightful personality!

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