Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oval Beach

We were so excited to have one of my college roommates, Deanna, in town this week with her daughter Gwen! Though my kids were testing some limits, they all had a great time playing together! The weather was very cool for this time of year which limited some of our activities, but we managed to find our fun. We ventured out on Tuesday to a new beach for us - Oval Beach in Saugatuck. We knew it was chilly (low 70's) but had no idea the water temp was 48!! Needless to say the kids had zero interest in playing IN the water, but had an awesome time playing in the sand - especially because no one else dared to venture to the beach that day! Here are some cute pics of the kids enjoying what seemed to be the entire Lake Michigan to themselves.

Caleb, Addison, Gwen, Avery

Um, yes, this is posed.

I love this one because you can't tell where the lake ends and the sky begins.

Blow up to appreciate - two seagulls flying just in front of him

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