Thursday, September 17, 2009

First Days of School

Showing off her stamp at the end of her "good day"

A little hesitant

Walking in with confidence with big brother

My crazy kids outside before Addie's big day

Addison's First Day

"Okay, Mom, I'm ready to go!"

Caleb waiting to be picked up after his first day

Looking ready as he sits with his class before school

Caleb's First Day Picture

Writing this retrospectively, the week doesn't seem nearly as harried as it felt at the time. We have now officially made our entrance into the world of school-aged children, though are still young enough to avoid homework and (hopefully) playground drama.
For the sake of time and reliving several horrible experiences, I will keep this short. Caleb started first on September 8th. He was quite nervous about starting back at school, as were we for different reasons. LONG, emotional story short, he is loving it, the hives are gone, he has made it two days without making himself throw up and his teacher just can't get enough of him (phew - and that's the part we were nervous about).
Addison officially started on her own this past Tuesday, the 15th, though we went together for an orientation day last week. Though she was her bashful self, there were no tears on this first "real" day - second day was another story - and she is also loving school. It's incredible how big they both seem all of a sudden - Addison especially. We are all of a sudden seeing how capable she is and I can't get over how excited she is to get to school. The smile on her face at the end of the day is priceless! If only I could get her to be a bit more descriptive so I could know just what kind of fun she's having. All I'm getting out of her is, "really fun", what did you do today? "played", did you play with any friends, "no", can you tell me what you did at circle time? "no", and so on. But really, all that aside, she is quite excited to be a big girl at school :-)
Caleb, on the other hand, is so fun to listen to as he is quite the rule follower in school this year. He is also very big on sharing with me all that he learned, with cute little descriptions I assume are from his teacher, "although we had the fun of our special picture day, the bad luck of the day is that Book Buddies didn't have time for a visit". He's very into the inner-workings of the classroom and takes great pride in his involvement and special responsibilities.
I stifled a laugh the other night at dinner when it was his turn to pray and I was instantly reminded of the grandma on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation as Caleb broke out into his version of The Pledge of Allegiance. I totally forgot that that's what you do in school and was impressed on day 4 as to how much he knew. My favorite line was at the end: "one nation, under God, indescribable (Chris Tomlin I'm sure) to libraries and Justin and all" :-) Last night, though, Matt was finally home for dinner and I asked Caleb if he could try to teach the girls - he got it perfect, word for word. It's just so fun sitting at the table and hearing the two "big" kids go back and forth about their days, "WE have art class too!"
And though I, for the first time, feel officially crazed I am looking forward to the joys that come with them being big kids in school.

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