Friday, September 11, 2009

Caleb's Birthday - Part 1...

Sharks - a new obsession

I couldn't get him to stop talking long enough to pose for a pic with his Mom

Elated over his new golf clubs!
My baby is five! I just can't believe it!

We have had a very busy few weeks over here, but are very excited to slow down (a bit) to celebrate Caleb's very special day. Matt has the weekend off and we have a full weekend of activities planned. First, Caleb was able to celebrate his day with his friends at school: no snacks these days due to allergies but we picked out some very cool dinosaur mechanical pencils to pass out :-) A great friend watched the girls so that I could pick him up from school by myself and take him to lunch - his favorite, Culvers. He had to have asked me 8 times, "Mom, are you teasing me? Am I REALLY five today??"
I know it's warned to new parents several times, but it wasn't until this week that I truly believe it: the time they are little just FLIES by!! I can remember every detail of my pregnancy and delivery with him, so many sweet stories from when he was an itty-baby, and now all of a sudden he's five years old and seeming bigger every day! We couldn't be more proud of our little man and hope he enjoyed his special weekend.

Friday night we went to dinner with grandparents - Red Robin. It actually worked out that my dad had off the same weekend this month and, since they'd been trying to get back for a visit since this past winter, they were able to work it out to join us for the weekend! The kids had a blast chowing down on milkshakes, burgers, and making mommy proud by ordering oranges and carrots as their sides to their meals :-) After a fun time there we headed to our house for some presents. The girls did a great job sharing the attention and Caleb was elated by everything he received, once exclaiming, "I have to be the luckiest boy in all of Michigan!" after opening up a gift from Grandpa Popa.

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