Sunday, August 23, 2009


After much debate we have come to an agreement that the kids swingset needs to go. It served us well this first year, but we're not sure it will make it another summer with our bunch, so we decided to cut our losses (although we actually had a $100 gain!) and get another one. After much research we decided on a Build-it-Yourself company that allowed us to find a set that works for now but also allows us to add onto as the kids get older and are interested in more accessories, etc. It's a slow process with Matt's schedule, though he got some good time in on it during his vacation. The kids are being very patient and seem to be okay with their old set going to a new home. Tonight the kids decided to make their own fun with the set, regardless of the fact that it's in pieces. So far they've yet to see an accessory; Matt's been busy getting the wood ready with cutting, sanding and drilling the holes, but that seems to be just fine with them.

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