Monday, August 3, 2009

Surprise Day Off!

After a weekend on call we were surprised to find that Matt had Monday off - apparently the attending he was working with canceled his day which left Matt wondering if he should stay home or go in and find something to do. I quickly put in my vote (Monday morning errands with no kids!) and we were able to enjoy a surprise day off with Daddy! We spent the morning dividing up kids and getting our chores done while I was able to run to two grocery stores (!!) during naptime with no kids in tow. After rest time we headed to Meijer Garden to show Daddy a part of the gardens he hadn't seen before, of course while making our traditional stop at the boats.

Caleb and Avery walking with Daddy

Toad on a lily pad

Feeding the fish

This looked cuter in my viewfinder - we'll keep working at it :-)

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