Saturday, August 8, 2009


I don't know if this is something we want to encourage, but Avery sure has been surprising us with her fearless nature. Caleb was the same way when he was little, but we chalked it up to him being a boy. Addison was (and is) much more reserved and timid, though has proven herself as quite the little monkey. At her three year checkup the pediatrician commented on her physique - "she must be a climber" - which she is, but no gymnastics in her future due to her size and her grace which matches her mother's.
Avery spent the night tonight "painting" herself blue, going backwards down her (thankfully little) slide, and swinging from the pole on the swingset. One of her favorite games with Addison is taken from her swim class. Avery stands on the couch (I know...) while Addie sings a song and then attempts to catch Avery as she jumps off. As long as it ends in giggles I have to admit I'm okay with it.

Like usual, the video doesn't quite capture the true gusto of her new trick - I think her arms were tiring out at this point.

This was taken this morning - Avery has some new dance moves. She was a little distracted by the tower of books Addison was trying to build on her dance floor.

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The Hintzs said...

OH MY GOSH-Avery has got some good moves!:) Owen and Parker would love to have her teach them, I'm sure!