Wednesday, August 5, 2009

And Then at Night ...

Today was a busy day with fun in the sun in the morning at the pool and a Whitecaps game, sponsered by one of the Orthopaedic groups in the area at night. We headed to the game around 7 and enjoyed free barbeque, lemonade, and cookies. The kids had a great time running around with the other Ortho-kids and hamming it up for all who would watch. Caleb was thrilled that the first run of the night was a Whitecaps homerun that went right over our heads and out of the ballpark. I'm not real sure what happened the rest of the game as we were chasing after kids, but Caleb seemed to have caught all of the highlights - he even made it home with a new helmet and a tee-shirt he packed out that "Addie just has to have!", though it's yet to leave his back after she told him, "I don't really like baseball Bubba". He feigned surprise for about half a second before throwing it over his head onto his own body :-)

Addison enjoying fireworks after the game with Daddy

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