Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fun at the Lake

This weekend we had the privelege of being invited to a friend's house on Gun Lake to enjoy a day of swimming, canoeing, and tubing! Matt was on call the day before but was a real trooper to forge ahead and continue on with these plans. He had a 45 min nap on the way there (no, I drove!) and hung on pretty good until Avery's naptime. The kids were SOO excited to be on the water! Caleb, of course, had a million questions about how everything worked and just when he could use it all. It was a small group - just the five of us, our friends Casey and Brandee, and Dan (another Ortho resident) - which meant that there was plenty of quality time on all of the "toys". Unfortunately my camera wasn't charged and I wasn't able to get the pictures I was hoping to. The kids had so much fun playing by the dock and sliding down a slide that was positioned in the shallow water. Matt took them for a canoe ride and we all attempted a paddle boat ride until I remembered that I hadn't worked out in about four years :-) Let's just say we barely made it out past the dock before we turned around. We had a wonderful barbeque lunch full of everyone's favorites and then Avery and Matt headed to bed. While they were sleeping, the rest of us headed out on the pontoon boat to go tubing. Caleb headed out with no hesitation, though we thought best to have Brandee join him. This little four year old had a blast, flying along at 25mph, which I think is QUITE fast for my baby to be bouncing around on an open lake! His ride lasted about 20 min - no one could believe he could hold on for that long! He was having so much fun, I just wish I could have captured his expressions! When the waves weren't bouncing him around he was bouncing up and down on his knees to keep his momentum going :-) Once we decided he should call it quits Addison decided she wanted to try it out. I requested she be kept at about 5 mph - just her speed. She looked so cute sitting in that big tube, just looking around like she was on a wagon ride. We had quite the fun time and look forward to more fun summer days!