Monday, July 27, 2009

Finding Fun

So this weekend is the BIG weekend!! In October, as some of you may recall, Matt surprised me by ripping up the carpet throughout our main floor living space, eating area, and hallway, as well as the vinyl flooring in the kitchen. We were thrilled to find the original hardwood floors underneath the carpet - not so fortunate in the kitchen. Either way, big plans were made for Matt to refinish the floors, first by tiling the kitchen, then by sanding and restaining the hardwood. Great plans minus the fact that free time isn't something that comes in great bulk for Matt. Well, after sanding the floors during my June trip to Ohio, another "break" (meaning weekend off) has come for Matt to take advantage of the time and attempt to treat the floors. We decided that staining is not in our best interest, since it adds on extra days of work, so we went with a simple polyeurathane treatment plan - four coats, with about four hours of drying time needed between each coat. Well ... the best laid plans ... :-) LONG story short, we spent two nights living in our basement, with the kids and I needing to be out of the house the entire days of the project (which spanned into Monday and part of Tuesday as well since we had a basement ceiling repair going on during those days). We managed to find some fun locally - basic things like the mall and parks - but were VERY eager to have everything finished up. AND, I am happy to report, that EVERYTHING is finished up! The floors look great and the basement holes (from a leak that developed while I was out of town with the kids) are patched up and ready to be painted! I'll try to find some closeups of floor transitions so you can all see the progress - I'm quite proud of my husband's newfound abilities :-) ... just in case Obama's plan gets put into action. Meanwhile here are some pictures of the kids at the park.

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