Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Big Girl Avery

We have just been blown away by just how big Avery is getting! This little girl who didn't say much past "moe" (more), "peez" (please) and "do" (juice) three months ago has just exploded into this ball of energy who, if possible, speaks even more than Caleb did at 19 months! Avery talks NON STOP, putting up to four words together at a time. She just loves to play with her big brother and sister and has just amazed us with her seemingly complete transformation from quiet little angel to busy little beaver. She's a climber, loves to be outside, can figure out just about anything (including how to scale any slide in her path and climb up onto Caleb's big boy bike), and loves to sing and mimic any dance the Wiggles are doing that day. She loves to copy her brother and sister with her own version of their knock knock joke, "Nah nah" (knock knock) "Who's there" "Nana" (Banana) "Banana who?" "Nana odo apple ju" (Banana orange apple juice) or when she's in a more playful mood: "High die" (high five) with her hand held out - "uhpie" (up high) raising her hand - and then lowering it "dow doe" (down low). She cracks us up with her running through the house, "Mommy! Whaa Ah Do?!" (Where are you?) and upon finding us, "Day oo ah" (There you are!). She seems to comprehend reason (though probably doesn't really) and will nod her head with a very serious "oh!" and is very compliant(ish) :-) and easily redirected, "otay mommy!!" One of my favorite things is when I put her down at night and leave her room saying "I love you baby girl" to hear her repeat back, "Ah uhvoo baby mama" She's extremely polite, constantly saying "tankoo" (thank you) or "no tankoo mommy", although has learned quickly that we're more apt to stop pushing her to do something she doesn't want to do (brush her hair, put her to bed, get her out of the tub) by saying "no tankoo" - it's hard to push something on someone so adorable when they're being so polite :-) We just feel so blessed with our little kiddos and try to remember to slow down and enjoy these moments of everyday with them as it all changes so quickly.