Monday, May 4, 2009

The Turning of a Page

Today was a monumental day for Mommy - the first day of t-ball for Caleb! Though of course he was beyond excited, all I could think about was how today signifies the first of many to come - he is no longer a toddler, not quite a preschooler, instead he has started what I assume will be a very important chapter in his life. Caleb, as you all know, just LOVES sports. Sports of any kind, actually, but has been smitten with baseball since before he was two. Today was his day to show off his "skills" - and his personality - which he did in full force. We are proud to report that he made the first play of the game and had two "homeruns" (which technically aren't allowed) during his two allotted trips up to the tee. If I can, I'll post his hilarious homerun - hilarious because t-ball is a single-base advance game. Caleb chose to ignore that rule as he ran past his teammates, all still standing on their assigned bases, until he reached his slide at homeplate. That's our boy!