Sunday, May 10, 2009

Special Days Continued

So after many celebrations, today is actually Addison's birthday! Her day is also shared with Mother's Day which couldn't make me happier! We kept today pretty quiet with church, a special lunch at a Mommy/Daughter hot-spot (El Burrito) and rest time. After rest we attempted to give Addison her birthday present from us - a big girl bike which did not go over nearly as well as Caleb's bike did when he turned 3. I actually don't have any pictures because she screamed the entire time she tried to ride it after being thoroughly unimpressed and eventually wound up telling us to take it back to the store. Great. After a brief trip to Meijer Gardens the kids finished up the day by making me a Mother's Day cake - it was quite the sight but of course tasted delicious because it was filled with love (and saliva from their licked fingers!) :-) I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend our day!