Sunday, May 3, 2009


So after our awesome vacation we all eagerly headed straight to Cleveland to celebrate Addison's 3rd birthday with her "Ohio friends". It was great to see family, albeit very briefly, but Addie received her birthday wish of having a "big princess party with all of my friends!" We held the party at our old church and were fortunate enough to have pretty much everyone in attendance! Uncle Dave and Aunt Jami had to be out of town so we celebrated with them the day before. Addison was thrilled to receive her very own Cinderella dress - just one of the many to come! - the day before her party so that she could wear it to her royal gala :-)

The "big" cousins

Addison in her new Cinderella dress

Draped in a dry cleaning bag so she can enjoy her cake without worry or tarnishing her gown

At the Big Bash

Getting her Snow White dress

The "real" Snow White left the kids speechless (my dear friend Tricia who never misses one of my kids' big parties - thanks Tricia!))

Avery enjoying her cake

The birthday girl

The start of our Barbie Princess collection - thanks Patti!