Saturday, May 23, 2009


I have to share this because we can't quite get over it - I don't think the picture does him justice. Now is a rough time in Michigan with the mosquitos and I'm remembering this from last summer about this time. It usually only lasts for a couple of weeks that they are really bad and then they start to taper off. The point of this is that we have all had our fair share of bites, but poor Caleb just seems to attract these little buggers like crazy. Last night one or two were trapped in his sleeping bag with him (yes he was sleeping in his bed - don't ask) and he woke up such the miserable sight. He obviously got into a fight with these mosquitos and lost - for some reason his reactions are extremely severe, complete with black and blues and swollen eyes:

You can't make it out but he has six on his forehead alone and about 12 on his back

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Special Days Continued

So after many celebrations, today is actually Addison's birthday! Her day is also shared with Mother's Day which couldn't make me happier! We kept today pretty quiet with church, a special lunch at a Mommy/Daughter hot-spot (El Burrito) and rest time. After rest we attempted to give Addison her birthday present from us - a big girl bike which did not go over nearly as well as Caleb's bike did when he turned 3. I actually don't have any pictures because she screamed the entire time she tried to ride it after being thoroughly unimpressed and eventually wound up telling us to take it back to the store. Great. After a brief trip to Meijer Gardens the kids finished up the day by making me a Mother's Day cake - it was quite the sight but of course tasted delicious because it was filled with love (and saliva from their licked fingers!) :-) I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend our day!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Party #2

So today was the day of Addison's Michigan birthday party. We mostly had family over from the area, though one of her little playmates was able to make it as well. Addie didn't seem to mind that she didn't have many friends over - she was just thrilled to have an excuse to dress up in another Princess dress and celebrate being her :-)

Family picture - at least the parents and the birthday girl are happy!

This may be my best cake yet

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Turning of a Page

Today was a monumental day for Mommy - the first day of t-ball for Caleb! Though of course he was beyond excited, all I could think about was how today signifies the first of many to come - he is no longer a toddler, not quite a preschooler, instead he has started what I assume will be a very important chapter in his life. Caleb, as you all know, just LOVES sports. Sports of any kind, actually, but has been smitten with baseball since before he was two. Today was his day to show off his "skills" - and his personality - which he did in full force. We are proud to report that he made the first play of the game and had two "homeruns" (which technically aren't allowed) during his two allotted trips up to the tee. If I can, I'll post his hilarious homerun - hilarious because t-ball is a single-base advance game. Caleb chose to ignore that rule as he ran past his teammates, all still standing on their assigned bases, until he reached his slide at homeplate. That's our boy!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


So after our awesome vacation we all eagerly headed straight to Cleveland to celebrate Addison's 3rd birthday with her "Ohio friends". It was great to see family, albeit very briefly, but Addie received her birthday wish of having a "big princess party with all of my friends!" We held the party at our old church and were fortunate enough to have pretty much everyone in attendance! Uncle Dave and Aunt Jami had to be out of town so we celebrated with them the day before. Addison was thrilled to receive her very own Cinderella dress - just one of the many to come! - the day before her party so that she could wear it to her royal gala :-)

The "big" cousins

Addison in her new Cinderella dress

Draped in a dry cleaning bag so she can enjoy her cake without worry or tarnishing her gown

At the Big Bash

Getting her Snow White dress

The "real" Snow White left the kids speechless (my dear friend Tricia who never misses one of my kids' big parties - thanks Tricia!))

Avery enjoying her cake

The birthday girl

The start of our Barbie Princess collection - thanks Patti!