Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Disney World - Here We Come!

So after much deliberation Matt and I decided that this spring would be a good (enough) time to try out a trip to Florida - we called it our Florida Sampler. I have been wanting this trip for quite some time, but the rational one of the group (that would be Matt) kept encouraging me to hold off a bit and wait for a more opportune time. Well we got our chance this April and, I am happy to say, we couldn't have been happier with our decision! After lots of thought and advice-seeking, we decided to leave Avery back while we took on this adventure with our two "big" kids :-) Though we missed her terrible we felt confirmed in our decision several times throughout the trip -both as we watched poor kids her age screaming in misery as they suffered through the heat and sheer boredom of being strapped into a stroller for twelve hours at a time and also as we were able to experience such an amazing trip through Caleb and Addie's eyes, because we were free to give them that attention. There was no need to stop for naps, we ate when we wanted to, and we snuggled each kid in bed watching movies each night until they drifted off because we could and we didn't need to hide out in the dark to help a baby fall asleep. The fact that Avery wound up with an ear infection right before we left didn't hurt either :-)
We spent five days in Florida which was just the right amount without our complete family there. One day at the beach, one FULL day at Magic Kingdom, two half days at Seaworld, and a day to just play - it was wonderful and Caleb and Addison had a BLAST experiencing the "Magic" of it all! I have said several times since we arrived back home that the best part of the trip was just how appreciative the kids were for being so young - they really understood what a special trip this was and were so thankful and grateful for everything they were able to do - it really made Matt and I feel confident in our decision to do this when we did. Below are just a few of the many great pictures taken during this wonderful trip! We look forward to doing it again - but probably not for another 3 years or so :-)