Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Crafty Kids

So art has never been my children's strong suit, most likely because their mother has no artistic ability and rarely does crafts with them. Now that I'm feeling better, however, I have been much more up to being creative and trying to find some fun ways to pass the days until "real" Spring arrives and we can get outside. The kids have been having fun making paintings on canvas for us to have around the house - they've gotten so good that we are now using them as gift ideas. Through this process we have even discovered that Addison may indeed have a touch of a chance at some artistic ability (see last picture). Unfortunately I can only post pictures of Avery painting since they were all in their undies and Addie is in every picture Caleb is.

Addie's first drawing of a person - her mommy - in great detail for a two year old (and no, those are not my earrings...)