Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Catch Up

Okay, so anyone who has been following this blog knows that I have not done a good job of keeping it up on a regular basis. My New Year's resolution for this year was actually to do a better job with all forms of correspondence, blog included, and get our pictures organized. Well...that didn't happen :-) In January we were thrilled to find out that we were pregnant with our fourth baby! This news was wonderful to us as our Dr in Ohio did not think it would be possible for us to have any more due to a minor condition that I had developed. To sum things up, I was immediately sick with this baby, even prior to even knowing that we were pregnant, and was completely out of the loop for several months. As the blog will show, not many pictures were even taken during February and March as I was more concerned with actually being present for my children than capturing their every move on film - besides the fact that their every move often sent me into a 12-hour sick-fest :-)
Thankfully I can now say that we have moved on from the worst part and are all thriving and enjoying the latter half of my second trimester. We are pretty certain that we are having another girl, though, after Avery, we're not making any promises. As Matt puts it, "If it can disappear, it can also appear". Caleb is still adjusting to the fact that the baby is most likely a girl, as he has been praying for a little brother "for real this time" since Avery was born. Below I will post what few pictures I have of the rest of winter and am anxious to get caught up on the rest of our weeks.
We've been battling quite the bedtime struggle the past several months, as well, which seems to have corrected itself, so I am looking forward to having some quiet evenings now to maintain the blog. Though I don't have many pictures or stories to share, I will say this: We have seen HUGE developments in all of the kids during these several months spanning from Spring to Summer and I will share these changes with you as I go :)

Attending a Super-Bowl Party. We decided to wear our best anti-Steelers gear.

Caleb and Avery jamming to Bruce

Caleb and Avery rockin' out to American Idol

A trip to the dinosaur exhibit at the museum:

Caleb's T-Rex

This display would be a bit much even if I wasn't sick. For some reason they have movie theater seats placed just in front of a display of a giant dinosaur (forgive me for not remembering the names) being devoured by five smaller ones. Lovely.

We're finally getting some sleep over here:

Avery and her favorite book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Caleb fell out of his bed and didn't seem to notice at all.

Matt and Addison sharing a nap. Like father, like daughter.