Friday, January 30, 2009


So this is kinda sad, but January was pretty uneventful over here. As I'm now writing this in retrospect, I realized that we have very few pictures from January. I'll post some that I have - mostly of nothing but the kids being silly. Addie started gymnastics and Caleb started basketball - both enjoyed their time very much but it is very clear how different their personalities are just based on how they are in a group setting. Caleb, of course, talks the coach's ear off and has trouble sharing the spotlight. There are two girls in his class and he learned very quickly that they will nurture him if they think he needs it. So now all of the parents wait to see how many times he falls on the ground looking around, waiting for the girls to come pick him up and give him a hug. Addie is still trying to get comfortable in her class. She's wrapped around my arm for the first several minutes of class and hasn't spoken (even to the teacher) once. She does love gymnastics, though, and is very excited when talking about it whenever she is outside of the class.
At the end of the month Caleb came with us to the Chris Tomlin concert. He LOVED it and was so excited to be there! It was really neat seeing him jam along knowing every word to every song. He couldn't get over the drummer and how fast he could play and, for some reason, the noise level didn't phase him at all. Enjoy the pics.

Addison showing off her leotard.

Avery experimenting with syrup

Chris Tomlin