Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!

What fun today was! It sure does snow a lot here in Michigan! Snow first began to fall November 30t and literally hasn't stopped yet. I wouldn't say that there is a ton - probably 12 inches by now, but it was absolutely perfect for our adventure to the tree farm today! Never would I have thought that bringing 3 little kids out in a blizzard to cut down a tree would be a successful venture, but it was absolutely wonderful! The kids had a blast riding the sled down the big hills through the hundreds of Christmas trees there to choose from. Of course we stuck with our unintentional tradition of finding the Charlie-Browniest of trees (not quite that bad this year, just tiny). Caleb helped Matt saw down the tree, and we headed back to the car just as the snow picked up. Candy canes on the ride home and a repeat showing of The Polar Express (I know!) topped off the perfect afternoon.