Thursday, December 25, 2008


We had the most wonderful Christmas break! Matt was given a bonus vacation week that spanned over Christmas so we were able to go back "home" to Ohio and spend the holidays with our families. The kids had a great time and there are just too many pictures to share. Here are a couple of highlights: the kids' first 3-D experience watching The Polar Express, leaving a letter for Santa, finding Santa's surprises on Christmas morning, and playing with cousin Cam-Man.
We laugh (kind of) at the fact that, had Santa known that Addie would be most excited about her donut, he probably would have skipped the giant dollhouse that he brought for her. As a reminder (or if I didn't mention it before), all Addie asked for from Santa while on his lap was a chocolate donut with sprinkles. Thankfully Santa remembered and came through on Christmas morning :-) And that is ALL that Addie talks about in reference to her Christmas day. Oh to be two again...

Getting Santa's plate ready

Caleb and Addison

Addie finding her Christmas donut

Having eaten all she cared about

Addie's new dollhouse

The kids discovered that Santa's bell got caught in the fireplace. It was worn by one of the kids at all times for the next two weeks.

Crazy-Santa brought Caleb a drumset

Caleb's new baseball shirt and catcher's chest protector (or whatever they're called)

Addie and her new Tinkerbell doll

Caleb with his new slippers and shinguards

The cousins