Friday, October 31, 2008


Well our first Halloween in Michigan is here! This year we (along with everyone else, I guess) had the added benefit of a bonus hour of daylight during Trick or Treating. This may be the last year I'm able to do this without protest, but I, at least, enjoyed the fact that the kids costumes were themed. Dora, Diego, and Boots hit the streets at 6pm. We took our time and enjoyed the warmer weather. The streets here were quiet and quite appropriate for the little ones -- no ghoulish decorations or scary sounds coming from any houses. Avery just stayed in the stroller but had a good time going for her ride sans costumed hat of course. Caleb's wig didn't last very long, but Addie didn't skip a beat and stayed in character all night long.
Earlier in the day we headed outside to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and jump around in the leaves before the rain got to them. The kids just LOVED running and jumping into a (not so cushion-y, in my opinion) giant pile of leaves. Avery sat or stood in her pile for the entire hour that we were outside, just examining the leaves, tearing them apart, and trying to figure out just what she had gotten herself into. All in all, it was a great Halloween!