Saturday, August 2, 2008

Yay -- New Visitors!

This weekend our friends from Ohio drove up for a day-trip. Tricia is a friend of ours from high school (middle school for Stef -- me) and she came with her boyfriend Manoli. When we told the kids they were coming Addie ran to grab her Dora doll that Tricia gave her for her last birthday. "Disha day me dis por my birday" (Translation: Tricia gave me this for my birthday) what the first thing she said after the news of their visit. She carried that doll around for three days after they left (you may notice it in a picture below). The kids were so excited to see them (as were we) and, as usual, they spoiled the kids with fun gifts. The kids had fun showing off their new swingset, and Caleb showed off his baseball skills - of course. That night the four of us were able to go out to a nice dinner and enjoy the beautiful weather on the patio of a restaurant in downtown Ada called The Daily Grille. Two of the female residents from the hospital came over to watch the kids, which was very fun for them. Even though the only people they have been spending time with is adults, they seem to really be enjoying everyone's company. One of these days we'll find them some friends their own age!

Caleb dressed in Matt's old soccer uniform to play soccer with Manoli.

Addie painting with the new watercolors and paper (among many other things) that Tricia and Manoli brought.

Avery hanging out in the yard.

The "new" swingset being put to good use.
(Notice Dora in Tricia's arms)