Friday, August 1, 2008

Finally a Swingset

After weeks of searching we finally found a swingset for the kids on Craigslist. Matt and his dad drove an hour to pick it up. We thought perhaps we could hide it from the kids for a bit -- until Matt rolled up with it in the driveway. The next weekend Matt attempted to put it up by himself -- he actually managed to lug the entire tower off of the trailer and all the way to the back of the yard by himself. I have no idea how! This thing had to weigh over 300 pounds! I didn't have the heart to take a picture of his effort. I just stood and watched him pick it up and heave it - 12 inches at a time - through the yard, hands on his knees and purple in the face after each heave. But he did it! Our wonderful neighbors came over towards to end to help hold things in place. You may notice our neighbor, Lorraine, trimming her tree from our yard...

The night of the arrival

Figuring out what's next

The finishing touches