Monday, September 15, 2008

Birthday Fun

Considering we have moved and know know many people here in town, Caleb's birthday was no disappointment. Dave, Jami, and Cam came for a long weekend to help Caleb celebrate the big 0-4. They arrived late at night, so all kids were super-thrilled the next morning when they had the surprise of waking up to see each other. It was beyond fun to see them all and the kids had a blast! Caleb's second day of school was on his birthday, so he was excited to take Cam to his new school to show it off. We were able to play outside a bit, though it rained for most of the weekend :-( We were really hoping to show them some of our favorite spots -- maybe next time. Caleb's birthday party was on Saturday. Along with Grandpa Popa and Grandma Pat, I (Stef) have some family in the area and they were able to come to the party as well. Grandma Jan and Grandpa Dan drove up, as did Grandma and Grandpa Gray. Unfortunately, all Grays had to return home after the party, but we were able to spend the rest of the weekend with GJ and GD. The kids really enjoyed having all of their family around. Again, weather and runny noses (due to playing baseball in the rain) kept us from enjoying the sites, but we were able to tackle Red Robin and Target with Grandma and Grandpa -- always favorites! It was a long, busy week full of memories -- a wonderful way to spend a birthday.

Testing out his new cleats

...and swords

His new Cubs hat from Uncle Dave

Addie enjoying her cake

Testing out the new toys in the rain