Saturday, August 16, 2008

Anniversary Surprise

So today was the big Wedding Anniversary #5!! Never, ever, ever would we have thought that we would have accomplished all that we have in the 5 short years we've been married.
My wonderful husband thought enough of the day to request this weekend off. It worked sort-of well as he at least had Saturday, our actual anniversary, off. We spent a great day with our greatest accomplishments of these past five years -- our kids. Though we have been here all summer we had yet to check out Lake Michigan, so we had a big breakfast of pancakes and sausage, packed a lunch and headed for Holland State Park. There we found beautiful white dunes, an expansive beach, and very cold water!! The kids had a great time in the waves, though the girls are more partial to the warmer water at our Millennium Park. Caleb really enjoyed "body surfing" -- though I don't think anyone took him too seriously with his bright green swimmies on. After the kids had gotten sand in every possible crevice we headed for home where Matt had planned a wonderful evening for the two of us. The night was a surprise to me and, though not out of the ordinary for most couples, was a huge treat for us. He planned dinner, ice cream, and a movie and the best part was that not one thing was rushed. We took our time and enjoyed each others company without kids or a pager to interrupt the night. And, to Matt's delight, we got home in time to catch Michael Phelps win his who-knows-what-number medal.